Terms of service

The following rules apply to the submission of events. "author" refers to the user of eventx.de who is submitting an event:

  1. It must be a public event. Participation in the event must be possible for everyone (age restrictions are allowed). This does not apply to events marked as "private". (This feature is only available in some account types).
  2. The event and its content must be consistent with moral and ethical principles. As an example, extreme political and extreme religious events are not allowed.
  3. The eventx.de team reserves the right to remove events from the platform.
  4. The author must be either the organizer of the event or must have the organizers consent to promote the event.
  5. The author of the event is solely responsible for the correctness and completeness of the provided information.
  6. The author agrees to the distribution of event information to other platforms. Events registered on eventx.de are usually advertised via many channels.
  7. The author of the event is the copyright holder of all media included in the submission. He especially has the consent of depicted persons.
  8. The author of the event is liable for any damage caused by the publication of the event. This applies in particular to incorrect information.
  9. Changed or updated information on an event will be displayed immediately on eventx.de. In general, partner platforms should access the event database in real time and publish current event information. However, this cannot be guaranteed. It is possible that partner platforms publish event information which is not current. This applies in particular to print products. Subsequently changed or corrected information on an event will be displayed immediately corrected on eventx.
  10. The operator strives to maximize the availability of the eventx website. An availability guarantee can not be given. If the website 'eventx' or if individual events are not available, this does not give rise to any claim for damages against the operator.